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Matches 201 to 250 of 992

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201 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. James Edward Bowden
202 another birth date 3 Aug 1707 Femmetje BROCAW
203 another birth date as 19 Nov 1680 Jan (John) BROKAW
204 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Birth day also noted as 1 January 1836 
Hannah Harriet Brown
205 another spouse listed, Samuel/LITCHFIELD/ Abigail BUCK
206 another spouse- John/FOWLER/ Hannah BUCK
207 another husband listed- Benjamin/CHURCHILL/ after 1709 Sarah BUCK
208 another wife, Susanna/ Thomas BUCK
209 other wife, Elizabeth SCOTT md. 1786 Of Providence, Bedford, Pesnnsylvania, United States Thomas BUCK
210 also spelled BOCKHURST Maria M. BUCKHURST
211 Married Edward Millen Larson 31 Jan 1927
Married Willard Hickerson 24 Mar 1969 
Ardella BULT
212 married Sarah Elizabeth Waldram
20 Feb 1901 
Ernest BULT
213 #1 Martha/BOND/ md. 19 Feb 1775 Henry BULT
214 All previous church blessing reconfirmed and ratified for #6 child Jennie Bult on 18 Sep 1967

Married Henry Brain 24 Nov 1897 
Jennie BULT
215 Birth date also noted as Aug 1763 and christened 14 Aug 1763. John BULT
216 married Mary Jane Haslam 15 Jun 1888 Robert BULT
217 All previous church blessings reconfirmed and ratified for husband Robert Standar Bult on 18 Sep 1967

Married #2 Annie Winters Powell on 8 Mar 1871 SLC Utah in the Endowment House 
Robert Standard BULT
218 sorces of Information: Robert Parish Reg. N.N. Newton & No. Petherton, Smrst, Engl , Jane from the same records. Sealings of children # 60061 Pt 285 Idaho Falls Temple, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Jane, Salt Lake Temple Records #SL100502 C Index Card
#1 Thomas End House Temple Records #4760 Book F Page 356
#1Thomas " " " " #11481 Book E Page 164
Robert-Logan Temple #34484 Book B Page 99
Jane- Salt Lake Temple Records SL 10502 Re Baptised 16 Nov 1944 End 13 June 1949
#1 Thomas- End House Temple Records # 4760 Book f Page 356
#3 Anne- Salt Lake temple Records # 25390 Book 7 A Page 1210
#4 Mary- Salt Lake Temple records #25389 Book 7 Page 1209
#5 Elizabeth- Salt Lake Temple records #25393 Book 7 A page 1210
#6 Sarah- Salt Lake Temple Records #25404 book 7 A Page 1210
#7 Henry- Salt Lake Temple Records #2469 Book 6 J Page 110
#2 Eliza R65-5833-0259-017177-0

#1 Thomas-SLD 12 Sep 1868 Haberfield, Louisa- End. House Temple Records 11481 Book Elvg. Pg 164
Robert End 23 June 1885 Salt Lake Temple Sealing of the Dead 24511 F Utah L7d Pt2 Pag 99
Jane End 23 June 1885 Salt Lake Tmple Sealing of the Dead 24511 F Utah L7DPt2 Pg 101
Eliza end 23 JUne 1885 Salt Lake Tmple Sealing of the Dead " " " " 
Robert Standard BULT
219 Thomas married #l wife Eliza Ann Shaw 24 Nov 1886 Married #2 wife Jennie Temple no date recorded on sheet of information Thomas James BULT
220 Immigration to America from England on the ship Columbia in 1856. Husband age 43, wife 42 child #1was 20 #2 child 17 #3 child 15 #4 child 12 #5 Child age9 #6 child age7 #7 age 5 #8 age3 Thomas Standard BULT SR.
221 Last name also noted as "Barefoot" Ann (Nancy) Burford
222 Immigrant John Bushong 
Johann Nicholas Bushong
223 Birth also noted as " abt 1744" and "abt 1746" Anthony Bywater
224 Line 2473 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long:
BURI PLAC Tooele City Cemetery, Tooele

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Birthplace also noted as "South", Lincolnshire, England

Baptized and endowed during life. 
Sophia Bywater
225 Christening year also noted as 1809

Christening year also noted as 1809 
Thomas Bywater
226 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Christening date also noted as 15 Oct 1770 by the Parish Vicar in 1952. This was shown as "Thomas Byewater, son of Anthony Byewater and Elizabeth, his wife."

Age 63 at time of death. 
Thomas Bywater
227 Will of Charles Cagle 
Charles Cagle
228 Also know as "Jack".

After his mother died he was raised by Martha Stewart Warburton, his grandmother.

Jack was married 3 times but never had children. 
Oza E. Callendar
229 Birth year also noted as 1909

Died at age 86.

Raised by Martha, Ruth's grandmother.

Moved to California in the early 1930's. 
Ruth Kathryn Callendar
230 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Gerald Allan Carbiener
231 Brown homestead 
Arrillia Castellaw
232 Brown, Arrilla (Castellaw) 
Arrillia Castellaw
233 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

There is a Elizabeth buried 8 Jul 1731 in Caunton Parish Reg.

Birthplace also noted as East Bridgford,Nottingham,England with Baptism date of 9 Apr 1955 and Endowment date of 16 May 1956 
Elizabeth Caunt
234 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Thel Chapman
235 Endowment date also noted as 30 Jun 1922 Elizabeth Hannah Chappel
236 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. George Chappel
237 Burial date also noted as 26 Oct 1874

Endowment date also noted as 30 Jun 1921 
Harriet Chappel
238 also known as Emma Louisa Emily Louisa CHENEY
239 said he was born on the Cheney Ranch Franklin CHENEY
240 also as Golda "B"Cheney Golda CHENEY
241 another date was found, 8 Feb 1782 and the name was Christian/Christensson Christien CHRISTENSON
242 Marriage link in husband's obituary Alice Clark
243 Stayed in Tooele Florence Clegg
244 Worked for the reclamation service in Oregon Howard James Clegg
245 He and his brother first gave alfalfa to a cow and were surprised that the cow liked it so much. Alfalfa soon took the place of wild hay for winter feed.

Attended the one room schoolhouse in Tooele with its log slab seats and a table of "more refined lumber construction" along one side of the room for writing assignments. Later in life Peter was a trustee and a treasurer of the school board during the constrution of the Central School building.

Was City Marshall from 1883 to 1886 at a salary of $25 per year. November 8, 1892 he was elected County Collector of taxes and served two years. In 1905 he was the first State Senator elected from Tooele County and served two terms. From 1914 to 1920 he served three consecutive terms as mayor of Tooele.

On June 8, 1908, he was instummental in the organizing of the Tooele County State Bank and was president and its guiding figure for the life of the bank. During the Depression the bank was closed and became non-liquid. The bank was still able to pay back all of the city, county and school funds under the preferred claims and 35% dividends to the common depositors.

At 75 years of age he had 300 acres under cultivation and irrigation in Erda, considered to be the best farm in Tooele County. He also raised sheep and had 100,000 acres under lease and ownership in Idaho and Utah.

Was councilor to Bishops Silas C. Orme and Edward M. Atkin. When Bro. Atkin was released Peter became bishop on 7 September 1924
and served until 29 July 1928. 
Peter McIntyre Clegg
246 Lived in Erda, Tooele, Utah Peter Vere Clegg
247 Francis - Rootsweb 
Francis Clements
248 Endowment reconfirmed and all former sealings ratified for Jane Coats 18 Sep 1968

Information recieved from Geneol. Library Salt Lake City. 
249 From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Birth date is also suggested as 1687 
Mary Cooper
250 Kissin' Cousins 
Hannah Cornelison

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